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A day at KingSoft Lanka is much more than work, it's more than play.

It's believing in 'we'. It's believing in 'me'. It takes all sorts to be an kingsoftlanka because we are into that kind of job. So while our creative team can leave you amazed with incredible designs, our software squad has experts in every technology platform, with dedicated R&D members who make sure that we are resource-ready at all times. We have social media addicts who know exactly when tides turn in social channels.

At Kingsoftlanka, it's okay to have idiosyncrasies if that's what brings out superlative creative ideas. It's okay to be a geek as long as you have a complete hang of what you are doing. But most importantly, you have to be sincere and passionate about your work. At present we are looking for new members who can contribute meaningfully to our functions and bring in new capabilities to enhance team strength. Do check our existing vacancies to apply online for a suitable position.

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 Fun :We enjoy a lot. It's the kind of fun people have when they are used to each other's ways. A key to doing great work effortlessly.


 Birthdays :We sing, dance, shout, and make a lovely hullabaloo of your special day. But then we make sure you feel special, eat your cake and have it too.


 Eureka :We have many 'Eureka' moments - creating a miracle, cracking a code, fixing a bug, or simply crossing a particularly irritating level in candy crush.


    Food :Our sustenance, better still if somebody else is giving a treat. Yes, there is also food for thought. It often comes in the form Lunch.


 Deadlines :We are so used to deadlines that we actually long for the thrill when rarely, a day moves in an unhurried pace.


 Boss :A salutation we use with everybody else other than people who have claim to it. We have mentors, seniors, leaders and guides. If you are a genius, you are a Boss too.