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We provide communication solutions that help our clients reach the correct audiences with appropriate messages.

We follow a simple matrix consisting of five cyclical steps to deliver value to our clients.


We believe that a job well planned is a job half done. We start by having a frank chat over a cup of coffee, a chat that helps you devolve your communication challenges to us, and set us thinking on how to overcome them.


When our in-house 'communication gurus' come up with an idea that's a surefire, we have some really tough nuts to crack it. They have that bit of unfair advantage called a 'creative genius', which can instinctively filter the great from the good. The result is a creative experience that hooks on the audience and drives a brand. While multi-disciplinary teams enjoy a free hand to bring a concept alive, the strategists do get involved to validate the effectiveness index. The creative tough nuts know that this is important. Just as the planners know that in some cases, the best way to make an idea work is to turn it on its head.


Share of Voice. Share of Mind. Share of Wallet. What is it that you are after? We are here to help. Whether it be traditional advertising, sharing social media space with your consumers, being found by seekers on Google, or the exciting new world of remarketing, we will help you navigate your way through the digital maze of publishers, platforms, ad exchanges, affiliate networks, rich media, dark posts, comparison sites, search engines, PPC, engagement rates, promoted posts, and on towards your goal - the customer.
  • Search Engine Optimisation

    SEO has been around for ages and yet, it continues to surprise its most evolved practitioners. You may top Search Engine Rankings for months till an upstart Penguin or Panda throws you off your lofty perch. One day you may own the entire first page on Google, the very next you find innocuous posts creeping up the rankings and diverting traffic that you rightfully own. It takes a strong heart, a cool brain and the wisdom of years spent in the SEO profession to get to the core of the issue, and decipher a new path where none existed. Trust us, we know.
  • Hired Media Solutions

    Planning, Buying, Roll out, Monitoring, Tweaking, and Measuring. The good old steps of main stream advertising. Yes, we do it all, with a digital twist. From planning an innovation for a new brand launch to sustenance visibility campaigns for established ones to lead generation campaigns to contextual AdWords promotions to promoting Facebook pages to increasing App installations, we will do it all for you, driven by the core belief that it's not just getting enough eyeballs for the campaign that's important, but getting the message through effectively what matters.
  • Shared Media Marketing

    Gone are the days when from research based initiation to post analytics closure, campaigns would have a life cycle of several weeks, if not months. A social post generates instant feedback - shares, likes and comments - and a query is expected to be answered in the matter of hours, if not minutes. What also raises the bar is the multitude of platforms available today, and the seemingly fractured nature of audiences on each of these platforms. If you choose to engage us in increasing your customers' social engagement with your brand, we make a single promise to you: we will make it happen.


The growing range of digital applications and services needs to be supported by high-end infrastructure of matching scale. You need a dedicated website hosting service to be in peace that your site will be online and accessible 24/7. So while you can get huge server space in the retail mode, it will not come with the value added services and security that our managed hosting offers.
  • 01Digital
    Asset Hosting
  • 02Digital
    Asset Maintenance
  • 03Internet Domain
  • 04Third Party
    Content Licence Procurement
  • Digital Asset Hosting

    Near about 100 man-years of experience. Over 1000 websites and applications hosted. Our managed hosting expertise comes with the assurance of your peace of mind. Working alongside developers and programmers, we have the advantage of joint consultations for deployment of the best techniques. Our SLAs are technically backed to ensure that you receive the highest quality service. Our third party SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate offerings are another standard security requirement in today's web environment.

  • Digital Asset Maintenance

    Well begun is half done. A great website or web application needs to be maintained over its lifecycle to give you a complete ROI. Our dedicated teams offer website management and maintenance services to update content, implement structural changes, and look after regular support requirements in the shortest turn-around time possible. We also assist with management of CMS driven websites.

  • Internet Domain Management

    We register and renew domain names on your behalf and adopt a proactive approach to monitor availability and duration of ownership. We also manage your domain names and set it up for web requirements.

  • Third Party Content Licence Procurement

    However much we prefer customised photo-shoots and access to magical photo libraries owned by clients, the fact is that sometimes we have to depend on online image banks - for convenience, promptness, and lack of what the heart desires. But no worries. We take care of procuring it for you. We also have well-known voiceover artists who partner us in multimedia and audiovisual projects.


When Dickens wrote, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness," he could well have been writing about the present state of campaign analytics. While the medium lends itself to being measured in zillions of ways and up to great levels of granularity, it is important to know what and how to measure, and thereafter how to draw the correct inferences from the data.
  • Media Tracking

    Whether it is a news portal with readership of millions, or an individual Facebooker with 93 friends, everyone today expresses their opinion on everything, and further, invites views from others on what they have just said. Gone are the days when simply receiving a daily dossier of the printed news would be all the media tracking done. Today, we track who says what about things that matter to you, and the "circle of influence" of the person or entity talking. Our media tracking service is real time, intelligent and response oriented, manned by socially aware professionals.
  • Media Asset Usage Analytics

    Amongst the 100s of analytic tools available, we are more than a bit partial towards Google Analytics, with its vast repertoire of reports and options of data filtration. We take analytics beyond the dashboards that Google provides, and add business intelligence to it: deciphering why traffic went up when it did and suggesting what tools need to be developed to improve on page engagement.
  • Social Analytics

    When marketing through social media, you have to do something in two cases - when people are talking about you, and when they are not. In either case, we are here to help you understand why things are the way they are by setting the correct tracking goals, and reporting & analysing your influencers' and customers' social opinions about your brand. We'll top it up with recommendations for your social media communications.
  • Campaign Analytics

    From impressions to clicks and sometimes on to leads, we track campaigns and send daily reports to assure you that your brand gets the ROI we planned together. More importantly, we stay alert to the need and opportunity for changes to the campaign in light of data that starts coming in from almost the first impressions.